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Get Inspired. 

You can do anything to raise money for Team Gleason. 

Celebrate with us! Make this year extra special. Dedicate your birthday, wedding, graduation or other special day to Team Gleason by asking for donations instead of gifts. That’s something we can all celebrate!

Now it's time to communicate your message. 

Launch Your Page 

Refine your message and be sure to Personalize your fundraising page with photos. 

Donate to your own campaign to show your commitment and inspire others. 

Contact your close friends & family. Reach out to the people you know will be supportive of your goals. They should hear about your campaign first, in a personal message. 

 Announce Your Campaign

Once you've announced your personal commitment and reached out to your personal contacts it's time to post on SOCIAL MEDIA! Keep your network updated. Post on social media at least once a week with new updates.  It's important to that not every post is asking for money. Tell your friends why Team Gleason is important to you. Remind people why you have chosen such a worthy cause. 

Send a Reminder to your contact who have not yet donated. Let them know time is running out and you are not giving up! NO WHITE FLAGS! 

Send an email to each donor thanking them for donating to your special day. Thank your social network. 

After your campaign you are done celebrating, we will utilize 100% of your donation to programs and services for families living with ALS.  

Thank you for joining us our mission to improve life for families with ALS by delivering innovative technology and equipment, as well as providing and empowering an improved life experience.