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Red Crescent Run

Dante' Hebert

Dante' Hebert

Hi, my name is Dante’ Hebert. I am running 125 miles, down the levee, from Baton Rouge to New Orleans to raise money for Team Gleason Initiative Foundation. Steve and his friends and family started Team Gleason to generate public awareness for ALS, raise funding to empower those with ALS to live a rewarding life, and ultimately find a cure. The Red Crescent Run will start on January 9th and end on January 13th, the day of the College Football Playoffs Finals. The Red Crescent Run has been run by Louis Mykoff in years past, but has not been run for a few years. In years past this run has raised over $20,000 and this year is short notice; so our goal is to raise $5,000 in support of Team Gleason. I would really appreciate any donation you can make to help me reach my goal.

Steve Gleason will always be remembered for his blocked punt on the night the New Orleans Superdome reopened for the first time after Hurricane Katrina—a defining moment for the city, the state, and the team that we love. Steve played for The New Orleans Saints from 2000-2008. In 2011, Steve was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), considered a terminal neuro-muscular disease. Steve is determined to inspire others by continuing to pursue life adventures despite his diagnosis, and has challenged the worlds of technology and science to identify their most promising developments toward new treatments and a cure. Steve, along with his friends and family, started Team Gleason to generate public awareness for ALS, raise funding to empower those with ALS to live a rewarding life, and ultimately find a cure.

In early 2019 my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. She spent the majority of the year in and out of hospitals undergoing multiple surgeries. Luckily at the end of it she came out healthy. It has been a deep reality check for me and my family and has inspired me to do something meaningful my final year at LSU. Steve’s story inspired me to give the College Football Playoffs more meaning. Just how these players have struggled to get to this point Steve has not given up when facing adversity. In better words than my own, “No white flags” have been raised and none will be raised. With this same mindset I will be running the levee from Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge to the Superdome in New Orleans. Coming out to around 125 miles nearly a marathon a day.

Steve’s fight against ALS has inspired me to push my limits. I will be putting my body through what only a few have done and what many people see as insane. I want to be a part of something that is bigger than just me. I want to show my family, friends, and anyone else who hears about my run that ordinary people can make a difference; that even the smallest contributions can go a long way. I want to remind myself and others that anything is possible with dedication, inspiration, love, and hope. Most of all, I want to join Team Gleason in helping find a cure for ALS.


raised of $7,500 goal

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