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Please Support ALS Patients With Equipment and Technology!

Rob Brownell

Rob Brownell

Hi! I’m Rob Brownell. I support Team Gleason’s mission: to improve life for people living with ALS by delivering innovative technology and equipment. My long-imagined dream of writing a novel transmogrified into a bucket-list priority after my ALS diagnosis in 2017.

Team Gleason played a pivotal role in helping me make that dream a reality. Voice control technology, home automation, and a power wheelchair are tremendously empowering and have helped me maintain a degree of independence.

Donate and help ALS patients live productive lives!

If you haven't already, please check out my Kickstarter project where you can preorder my first novel, written entirely by voice.

If you donate at least $100 to Team Gleason AND purchase a copy of Invention Is a Mother, your name will be listed in the acknowledgements of the published book. After you donate generously to Team Gleason, please follow this link to preorder the book:

Thank you supporting both my book and Team Gleason!

Rob Brownell

INVENTION IS A MOTHER is a slightly sci-fi, darkly comic (puns! crude humor! irreverence!), sometimes wrenching take on our product-centric technology culture. The plot—like real engineering projects, like my quixotic goal to write a novel—is a marriage of ambition and absurdity.

Shaughnessy passively resists his force-fed STEM education and refuses to advance to adulthood. When his father is psychosomatically sidelined by a disease that is quite famous—but nonetheless fatal—he reluctantly fills in as his father at work. There, he embarks on an impossible quest: seeking reason within entrepreneurial behavior.
On his bewildering journey, he finds allies in his family, a feral engineer, a personality-flexible coworker, a homicidal AI, and an alcoholic wormhole. Together they take on the most vexing riddles of life—and death!

If a tree falls in the woods, is it trying to kill you?
What did Schrödinger have against cats?
Does resurrection cure pre-existing neurological conditions?
Why yoga pants?


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